A Call to Action: What I am Fighting For

What am I fighting for? At first it was a battle against myself. A battle against my mind. My inner voice was telling me that it was over. Then I started to hear whispers telling me that this life wasn’t finished. That whisper grew louder and eventually it took over that inner voice that was […]

Best Man Speech – From Aaron’s Best Man to My Best Man

I’d like to take a moment to thank Jess for giving me this opportunity to speak outside of the country for the first time to share my story. I will be signing copies of “Well… I Guess I’m Not Jesus (hey-Zeus)” in the back immediately after my speech. Of course I’m just messing around. Today is not […]

With What I Have Left…

With what I have left… Would you think that it would be less than before? Obviously, physically, things are different. From the chest down it’s just dead weight. I have a hand that has been all but forgotten. Although this one working hand is a blessing that I can’t forget to count. Physically I’m obviously […]