There are people you can’t live without. Kate is one of those people. For those of you who do not know, Kate has been with me for the last four years to get me in and out of bed and everything in between that I need help with. Of course, there are other people that could […]

The Love That I Can Offer You

If you’re looking for a guy to protect you, I’m not your guy. If you’re looking for sex, I’m not your guy. If you’re looking for a guy with the perfect body, I’m not your guy. I can’t help that you would have to tuck me in like a child every night or that I won’t to […]

A Call to Action: What I am Fighting For

What am I fighting for? At first it was a battle against myself. A battle against my mind. My inner voice was telling me that it was over. Then I started to hear whispers telling me that this life wasn’t finished. That whisper grew louder and eventually it took over that inner voice that was […]

Best Man Speech – From Aaron’s Best Man to My Best Man

I’d like to take a moment to thank Jess for giving me this opportunity to speak outside of the country for the first time to share my story. I will be signing copies of “Well… I Guess I’m Not Jesus (hey-Zeus)” in the back immediately after my speech. Of course I’m just messing around. Today is not […]